Reggae Artist Anthony B New Single – Give Praises – Di Genius – Oct 2012

anthony b latest news & single Give Praises Digenius oct 2012

As some of you probably read it and heard it somewhere else already at  4:30 a.m. last Saturday, October 6, International Reggae Artist Anthony B, collapsed shortly after his performance at a Dallas, Texas night club and was hospitalized.

The good news are  that on Wednesday, October 10th at approximately 5:00 p.m. EST, International Reggae Artist Anthony B, was released from the hospital and is currently resting. ”Thanks to all my fans who said a prayer for the I and send a word of blessings to rest up” said Anthony B, after being released from the hospital yesterday.


Doctors diagnosed Anthony B with exhaustion and dehydration, which can be attributed to his jampact schedule he has had throughout the year. Promoting his ’Freedom Fighter’ album, which was released digitally in May 2012 and will be in stores on October 22, 2012, Anthony B’s schedule has been quite hectic. 

“Anthony B has been on the road this year covering the globe, with no break in-between. He has toured Europe, Africa, UK , India, Austrailia and still found time to take some spot dates in Barbados and the US” says Ronnie Tomlinson, artist publicist.As per doctors orders Anthony B needs a lot of rest and will need to reschedule his UK and Europe tour dates. Some of these dates are three shows scheduled in the UK; October 12, October 28th and November 7, which is The Red Bull Anniversary at the Wembley Arena.

Anthony B new single Give Praises Di Genius Oct 2012

As for the Europe Tour, the Agency BA2 Bojan in Europe, which is the agency who handled the bookings for this Europe tour, will correspond with all promoters explaining the situation and making any necessary accomodations.Anthony B at this time feels so compelled not to disappoint his fans nor promoters yet, must adhere to the rules of nature.

The same thing already happened last month to  another hard working artist : I-Octane  and  also to Gyptian last year that was in a Nyc hospital for few days for the same reason : over working! 

Anthony B – Too Hard (In Memory Of Kayann Lamont) 

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