Chronixx Calls Vybz Kartel A Cannibal

chronixx calls vybz kartel a cannibal in viceland interview march 2016

Reggae artist Chronixx is again under fire on social media. This time at the hands of Vybz Kartel’s fans, who found Chronixx disrespectful to the incarcerated artist by classifying him as a cannibal.


Chronixx, who made the comment during a recent interview by Viceland about crime and Jamaican music a, has been relatively missing from the Jamaican media since his controversial ‘waste man’ statement that was directed at United States President Barack Obama last year.


In the recent interview in which he made strong criticisms of Vybz Kartel, Chronixx also lashed the media for its tendency to highlight negative issues.

“A man will write an article about how bad this generation is all the time. But how many articles will you see about the good? We have become a very negative driven people. Vybz Kartel has done a lot of good things in life, I must say so. It’s just that we pull the negative out of each other and we pay people for the bad,” he said.

“Gangsterism, Cannibalism … because Vybz Kartel overtime became a cannibal. When you listen his music it was very cannibalistic. It became so pleasant to the human like there is a thing in us that craves chopping up people and beheading people and cut out a man inside.”

Chronixx also brought Vybz Kartel’s single Kill Dem All And Done under the microscope, selling the idea that the content was not positive for youth, yet they crave such material.

“When you see how youth react to a song that says go and kill everybody, kill dem all and done … and everybody excited,” he said, laughing.

Chronixx’s comments were seemingly meant to enlighten listeners. However, as expected, fans of Vybz Kartel didn’t take his speech well.

“Di man get fight more than every artiste in this world. The man behind bars and a run it and dem still a try fight di boss. Free di music daddy,” one fan posted on Facebook.

Vybz Kartel Responds To Chronixx From Prison | Cannibalism [Jamaican Cartoon]

Another , “Chronixx, you can’t walk in Vybz Kartel shoes. You are below the food chain level. You think your song Who Knows is nothing? Bwoy, mi not even a go disrespect you ’cause you are a lost cause. Yuh not bad like him finger tip.”

Some fans also felt Vybz Kartel should be allowed to serve his time without backlash, as he was not the first to sing explicit songs.

“Chronixx, don’t go there with that bull. The man in jail, give the man a break do your thing. I am 50 and I have been going to dance before you was born. Deejays like Echo Slackness and Yellow Man used to sing slackness long before Kartel,” one viewer posted.


Maybe Chronixx is just trying to get some hype back inna Jamaica,  where, since his “Waste Man” comment, he was not too popular on social media, and while he is entitled to his own opinion, when he shares it, he should stick to the facts or reason about reggae music, not elaborate some sick analogy of cannibalism and label it on Kartel and his fans, it’s not a positive thing since Adidja Palmer is awaiting the appeal. From a “conscious rebel” like Chronixx everybody aspected a deeper analysis or to leave the subject alone.

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