Dancehall News: Vybz Kartel’s & Co-Accused Appeal Could Be Lengthy

latest news on Vybz Kartel Shawn Storm trial nov 29 2013


Gaza fans holding the faith for incarcerated dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel that just had the his and three co-accused appeal granted, get the latest updates in the case.

Consulted by Jamaican press legal sources in Jamaica revelead that Vybz Kartel appeal process could be long and expensive and even last up to few more years.

Given the high profile of the case maybe there could be some speeding up process, but usually appeals in Jamaica take their time.

If Vybz Kartel will win the appeal he will walk free, but the appeal itself does not guarantee Kartel will walk free automatically.

It’s a good thing the fact that a judge has given his approval and granted the right for an appeal, surely shows that the judge considered that there are enough doubts on Kartel’s trial for the judge in charge to warrant a review.

In the next months, from here to September 2017Vybz Kartel’s legal team has to deconstruct each and every accusations towards their clients, because this appeal cannot be lost. If Kartel looses this appeal he will have to stay behind bars till the end of the super harsh sentence of 35 years in jail without parole.

Following some recent accusations and speculations about Vybz Karel possibly recording new music in jail, fact that has always been strongly denied by his team and producers, a special commission has been appointed to determine if Kartel has been recording new music in jail, but so far there has been no evidence.

Since the intense scrutiny began, Kartel’s activity on social media (taken care by his wife Shorty) and new songs releases have been temporary paused, but two exciting new official music video sporting Kartel’s vocals have been released: Whine To The Top featuring Whiz Kid and the new hit single with Sean Kingston – Chance.

#Free World Boss

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