DJ FearLess – Vybz Kartel – Gaza Badness Mixtape (October 2015)

download dj fearless vybz kartel gaza badness mixtape-october 2015

Vybz Kartel all Badness Mixtape, that you can listen to or download for free, from Dj Fearless, which is based on Vybz Kartel‘s newest songWhich League that is the first song on the mix.

World Boss newest song – Which Leaugue, produced by TJ Records, is making the streets buzzing and making Dancehall Music interesting again with a special delivery of war lyrics that are killing everybody, leaving no survivors. #Gaza Bad We Bad.

The Badness King put together a new Vybz Kartel mix that includes ONLY war / guns songs, full of lyrical war mixing recent and old songs.

Dj Fearless has been bringing the badness since 2012 delivering the baddest mixes and Vybz Kartel – Gaza Badness Mixtape will once again please new and old fans of Vybz Kartel, the lyrical boss of dancehall music in Jamaica, currently incarcerated but soon to come a road. 

Listen To DJ FearLess – Vybz Kartel – Gaza Badness Mixtape

DWNS DJ FEARLESS TRACKED Vybz Kartel Gaza Badness Mixtape


DJ FearLess – Vybz Kartel – Gaza Badness Mixtape Songs List

1.Vybz Kartel – Which League
2.Vybz Kartel – Chain
3.Vybz Kartel – Daddy Devil
4.Vybz Kartel – Duh Weh Yuh Wah Fi Duh
5.Vybz Kartel – Squeeze
6.Vybz Kartel – Run Out Pon Dem
7.Vybz Kartel – Gunshot Make Dem Dead
8.Vybz Kartel – Kuff Kaff Kweff
9.Vybz Kartel – Weh Dem A Go Run Go
10.Vybz Kartel - Mi Murderous
11.Vybz Kartel - Gunshot
12.Vybz Kartel – Start War & Dead
13.Vybz Kartel – Inna Sky
14.Vybz Kartel – Gaza Christmas
15.Vybz Kartel – Nuh Fraid

16.Vybz Kartel - Shot Inna Dem
17.Vybz Kartel – Killing Street
18.Vybz Kartel - Mi Talk Wiv Gunshot
19.Vybz Kartel - Pass Mi Gun
20.Vybz Kartel - Murder Informa
21.Vybz Kartel - Dem Get Murder
22.Vybz Kartel - Clap It
23.Vybz Kartel - Smaddy Dead
24.Vybz Kartel - Mi Build A Rime
25.Vybz Kartel - Bigga Dan Fi Dem
26.Vybz Kartel - Kill Dem
27.Vybz Kartel - Sumaddy A Fi Get Gunshot
28.Vybz Kartel - Sumaddy Affi Bawl
29.Vybz Kartel - Who Trick Him
30.Vybz Kartel - Kill Or Die
31.Vybz Kartel - Stop Gwan Like Yuh Tuff
32.Vybz Kartel - Real Badman

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