How Weed Won The West – A Documentary By Kevin Booth

how the weed won the westa documentary on weed with alex jones

How Weed Won The West it’s a must-see movie/documentary destined to become an icon of the marijuana anti-prohibition movement. Considering the time it was put out it was ahed of its time

How Weed Won The West takes the viewer through a journey of real life stories involving the relatively new California legal weed industry.

This movie does not focus strictly on the medicinal value of marijuana, but also on the wide spread responsible consumption of marijuana for personal recreation and mood enhancement as well.

No matter how long ago you took your last drag this movie is cool!“How Weed Won The West” is an underground movie, from the same creators of “American Drug War”and it delves deeply into the culture and commerce of cannabis featuring California’s ganja growers, medicinal marijuana patients and law reform advocates.

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Kevin Booth’s vivid document from behind the front lines of the “war on pot” blows the lid off a multi-billion dollar industry on the verge. In this flick you will see both supporters and opposition of the most popular plant of the planet arguing their positions.

The film makers take their cameras into the largest grow farms in America to show firsthand the purest and best strain in Cali.

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You can explore the Southern California hill, in a section known as“Emerald Triangle” and check out their prize winning products. Lawyers defend the rights of legal, medical marijuana dispensary owners from Dea and local law enforcement gangs, who looks for ways to circumvent federal legalization laws enacted by President B.Obama.

This Documentary is hosted by Independent journalist and radio talk-show host Alex Jones, famous for exposing big business and government collusion in so many instances and situations.“How Weed Won The West” is a documentary equally enlightening and entertaining.

How Weed Won the West – TRAILER a film by Kevin Booth

Visit the OFFICIAL SITE for the Documentary and visit INFOWARS for more 


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