Latest News From Vybz Kartel & The Gaza – January 2012

Vybz Kartel Latest news 23 jan 2012

Alleged rumors on Vybz Kartel – who has been behind bars since October- are spreading on the dancehall deejay about been receiving preferential treatment, which includes visits from females.

Apart from a special diet, free and unrestricted use of the Internet and cell phone, the Dancehall star has reportedly been entertaining different women every night in his cell. True, a lie?…Just don’t hate on him because every gyal is his gyal. He’s asking to Forgive Him….

Listen to Vybz Kartel – Forgive Me - Pearl Riddim  – Jan 2012

Listen to Vybz Kartel – Licky on Brit Jam Reloaded Riddim

Zeen…?About his court cases and his jail time for the ongoing murder cases it is all set to continue in February in the Home Circuit Court.The updates are that, contrary to media reports, that assets of the World Boss  have not been seized.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Elan Powell, head of Criminal Investigation Bureau, he was unaware of this. What is starting to look controversial now it’s how this whole thing is getting handled, so  double check everything  you read and come across in this story which is full of double standards.

Based on latest reports Vybz Kartel — real name is Adidja Palmer — had his expensive goodies seized under the Proceeds of Crime ActBut it’s all been denied. The reports also claimed that the deejay’s 2010 Mercedes Benz S-Class, laptops and documentation regarding properties he owns were seized and  being stored at the Police Commissioner’s Office in St Andrew. Well, all this is kind of been denied after Jamaican TV showed a video with a Benz taken away, so it’s a bit foggy.

pim pim gaza

Last week also another member of Kartel‘s entourage,Pim Pim, on Monday , was offered $200,000 bail in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.
Andre ‘Pim Pim’ Henry, a young studio engineer from St Andrew, which is also a name Vybz Kartel calls often at at the intro or during several of his songs, is allegedly implicated in a conspiracy against the  investigations into the killing of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams with Gaza Slim.

Kartel and six other men have been charged with his murder. Pim Pim  was arrested last Thursday and charged with Vanessa Bling and Calvin Moonie Haye, which was released on bail after investigations has still to determine if it was Calvin‘s voice on a phone call considered crucial in the case.

Meanwhile former Gaza artists are saying – Vybz Kartel has always been surrounded by the wrong people and he’s his worst enemy right now, speaking on Jamaican Tv.

Check out the whole ER episode including also a lot of other news and recaps,from Rebel Salute highlights, to Kiprich back from his successful African tour and and more after the jump at bottom page.

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  1. Onica

    I hope this situation with Vybz Kartel can be resolved soon in terms of the case, whether he is guilty or not guilty. In my opinion he is a wonderful entertainer and creative, lyrical artiste and his songs are full of melody, content and rhyme. Vybz Kartel I am one of your number one Tobago and Trinidad fans and I am rooting for you, I do hope that you are innocent, I would not like to know that you are guilty.

  2. gaza queen d 1st

    always on top of everything not making anyone take advantage of who u r! am ur #1 fan lve yall hpe u gt through w ur situation! dont let anybdy bring u dwn dont change 4 anyone!AWO

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