*Reaction to Buju Banton’s Verdict*


Buju Banton Rasta Got Soul
Buju Banton Live in Jah
Buju Banton Verdict

A number of radio station in Barbados and all over the world are showing solidarity to Buju and playing his music.The whole Reggae and Dancehall communities , Fans and Industry, are  still in shock! Social  network  sites, Facebook & Twitter on top of the list, have been buzzing non – stop on  how
verdict is unfair and sour and how everyone feel for him!
Wayne Wonder, a famous artist and also Buju’s close friend, wrote on his facebook : ” Let’s all keep the prayers going for Mark,we all have to stay strong and stand by him!”. Was just last week, a day before his trial re-started, that Buju won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album,”Before The Dawn”, and many saw that as a sign of good luck for the upcoming trial for an artist that is been already plagued by tour & annulments when he was supporting his previous release ” Rasta Got Soul”. Buju always knew it’s not an easy road,but still…there was a lot of hope and prayers and now a lot of disappointment is mounting and everybody can’t wait for his lawyer to appeal.Still a lot of people is too upset for even talking in the open about it!OPTIMISTIC SOUL! Free Buju! Jah Army Stand Up!

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2 thoughts on “*Reaction to Buju Banton’s Verdict*

  1. Tsietsi Ndlovu

    Buju stay strong my brother i’m always your number one fan in South Africa,your music is uplifting and positive.No one will ever take your place you are a special artist send by the almighty one to sing for the masses across the globe,oneday you will walk free and i still wish to shake your hand,stay strong Buju i miss you

  2. ninjaman

    n0matter where ths fight takes u,BUJU just kwn that u f0ught a gud fight!
    It was a gr8 man whu 0nce said’my head is bl00dy bt stil unb0wed!

    Luv u,kip strng

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