Reggae: The Story Of Jamaican Music – Movie

Reggae: the story of Jamaican MusicReggae: the story of Jamaican Music

Fans of Jamaican Reggae music and Jamaica, of all ages,will enjoy watching the videos below.

If you are into Reggae music, but also just music, then you’ll love this good documentary titled: Reggae The Story Of Jamaican Music. It was originally shown on BBC in 2002 .

The Story Of Jamaican Music covers the origins and beginning of ska and also features some footages of the Queen of England during her visits to Jamaica and interviews to Freddie Mc Gregor, Derrick Morgan and many others legendary Jamaican reggae and dance hall artists and musicians telling and explaining to the World  in their words the journey from Ska to Reggae.

Filled with some crazy original photos and footages from the beginnings of this universal music genre that was born in the land of milk and honey, beautiful Jamaica.

While this documentary was a cult back in the days with the previous generations, we need also the youth to watch and learn and carry on the sometimes lost message and livity behind reggae music and its stars and this documentary is a good start for the youngsters to star learning.

The documentary THE STORY OF JAMAICAN MUSIC is posted below till chapter 4th follow up on youtube for the rest of it.


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