Tommy Lee Sparta EP – Grim Reaper – U.I.M Records

 Listen to the new Tommy Lee Sparta EP Grim Reaper UIM Records
Tommy Lee Sparta released yesterday his Ep titled – Grim Reaper - for U.I.M Records that features some of his best hits and some new tracks.Leroy Russell aka Tommy Lee Sparta the young Gaza DeeJay from Flankers – Mobay - is setting new records with the speed of light inna Dancehall, like his homie,legendary Usain Bolt in the running fields, and… it’s all happening quick quick quick.

Listen to Tommy Lee Sparta Ep – Grim Reaper – U.I.M. Records -October 2012 – Free Spotify Streaming

It’s been a minute since the release of one of his recent singles – Psycho and after his performance at Reggae Sumfest this past summer, in his native Mobay. The young Jamaican artist’s popularity has been growing non – stop so fast, so big that everybody is talking about his music and the different flavor the Sparta’s vision brought inna Dance Hall. He made dancehall music gothic.

While some people can’t get him yet and tried to label him as demonic, this young Jamaican artist is making some real noise internationally too, there’s a lot of attention, all eyes and hears on him type of situation, even from the mainstream medias in America.

This is a BIG WEEk for Uncle Demon: the EP release and  an article on The Fader Magazine. stream online tommy lee Sparta EP Grim Reaper Oct 2012 UIM Records

So it happened that The Fader Magazine, out on newsstands next week, came out with a story on the Sparta written by Jesse Serwer.

To understand the potential of this artist to the fullest it has to be first clear that very few Jamaican artists are getting coverage in mainstream magazines since Dancehallis said to be less popular internationally now, and magazines are getting smaller. Few artists had that type of honors in current times. Vybz Kartel, Mavado,… Popcaan and now Tommy Lee Sparta. This is pretty big for Uncle Demon

tommy lee Sparta the fader interview UIM records studios Jamaica photo by Martei-Korley-

Watch Psycho Official HD Music Video Tommy Lee Sparta

Jesse Serwer, and LargeUp creative director/co-founder/chief photographer Martei Korley - the author of the photo taken at UIM Records studio posted above, traveled to Tommy Lee’s New Kingston apartment, went at U.I.M. Records headquarters and spent some  quality time in Uncle Demon’s living room while Usain Bolt was winning in the track field at London Olympic Games 2012 and Sparta was blasting his own Psycho tribute tune in honor of Bolt that in response was doing the Gaza signs in worlwide’s stream!

The result is a real portrait of Sparta, the artist, his music and his environment from the underground to the mainstrean latest hours.

Fans of  Tommy Lee Sparta don’t miss this article by Jesse Serwer, on The Fader  because this is Sparta’s first major printed article and it’s good stuff! Large Up as usual Mr Serwer!

Read the full story, which appears in the magazine’s upcoming Issue #82, out on newsstands next week, here.

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