Everything about Vybz Kartel  in 2012 will be archived here. New releases, official videos, statements, developments on his case for the year 2012.

Vybz Kartel Nah Shot A Soul DaSeca Productions Exclusive Preview VYBZ KARTEL STILL IN CUSTODY, REMANDED TO JAN 14 2014
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]A lot of  people was aspecting Vybz Kartel to finally obtain bail when he appeared before the court this morning but he was remanded again with his co-accused. 
 Vybz Kartel-Ever Blessed-Head Concussion Records-Nov 2012 VYBZ KARTEL GETS BAIL BUT STILL IN CUSTODY – NEW SINGLE – EVER BLESSED – NOV 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Two brand new singles from World Boss Vybz Kartel - Money Isn’t All and Ufo Medz feat. artist Teetimus. Preview both inside.
 new vybz kartel single ft teetimus ufo medz-nov 2012 NEW VYBZ KARTEL SINGLES – MONEY ISN’T ALL &  - UFO MEDZ FEAT TEETIMUS – NOV 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Two brand new singles from World Boss Vybz Kartel – Money Isn’t All and Ufo Medz feat. artist Teetimus. Preview both inside.
 New vybz kartel freaky gal Part 3- TJ Records-Nov 2012 VYBZ KARTEL -FREAKY GAL PART 3 – TJ RECORDS – NOV 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]After the successful previous two editions of Freaky Gal there’s now a new single, Vybz Kartel – Freaky Gal Part 3 from TJ Records hitting the streets and going viral in the internet.
Vybz Kartel Gaza Slim Pim Pim Conspiracy trial postponed again nov 2012 VYBZ KARTEL, GAZA SLIM, PIM PIM TRIAL POSTPONED AGAIN – NOV 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Another day before the Court for World Boss Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim & Pim Pim and they were all remanded again.While Slim and Pim Pim got their bail extended on Monday,Vybz Kartel was remanded in custody and will appear again before the court on Nov 26 and Dec 3.
Kartel Gaza Slim Court date & new Single Wasting your time -Nov 2012 VYBZ KARTEL – GAZA SLIM COURT CASE & NEW SINGLE – WASTING YOUR TIME
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]New single for Vybz Kartel featuring Gaza Slim titled – Wasting Your Time. The new duet is produced by SoUnique Records. Get the latest on Kartel‘s upcoming court dates after the jump.
Vybz Kartel Pon Di Gaza Mi sey drafted for Grammy 2013 VYBZ KARTEL’S ALBUM – PON DI GAZA MI SEY – DRAFTED FOR GRAMMY AWARDS 2013
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Vybz Kartel‘s album - Pon Di Gaza Me Sey – produced by Adidjaheim & Tad’s Records, that came out on October 2011, one month after Teacha‘s incarceration is one of the album drafted for Best Reggae Album Category at the next Grammy Awards 2013.
New Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Slim everything you need nov 2012 LATEST VYBZ KARTEL’S SINGLES EVERYTHING YOU NEED  & WEED SMOKERS – NOV 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Listen to Vybz Kartel’s new singles -Everything You Need – feat Gaza Slim and  - Weed Smokers both produced by Russian – Head Concussion Records.
KARTEL court day nov 5 2012 remanded again to jan 21 VYBZ KARTEL’S REMANDED AGAIN & NEW SINGLE – WEED SMOKERS – HEAD CONCUSSION Rec.
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Vybz Kartel and co-accused went before the court again this morning for the alleged murder of Williams but were all remanded to a new trial date, set for January 21 2013. Listen to one of Kartel‘s new single -Weed Smokers – Head Concussion Records.
Vybz Kartel Tommy Lee- Betray The Gaza Boss-Official video Nov 2012 VYBZ KARTEL FT TOMMY LEE SPARTA – BETRAY THE GAZA BOSS -OFFICIAL VIDEO
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Official video for one of the latest Vybz Kartel’s hit featuring Tommy Lee – Betray The Gaza Boss, tune that is featured in Kartel’s latest EP -Mentally Free. Kartel is not in the video but his spirit is well represented by Tommy Lee, Gaza Slim & the Gaza Youths.
Vybz Kartel new single-YourBusiness-TJ Records-Nov2012 VYBZ KARTEL NEW SINGLE – GAZA LAWS YOUR BUSINESS -TJ RECORDS
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]There’s a new Vybz Kartel‘s single for this month of Nov. produced by TJ Records and titled – Your Business. Teacha explains some Gaza Laws.
latest news on kartel's case trial postponed oct 2012 VYBZ KARTEL NEW TRIAL POSTPONED AGAIN TILL DEC 3
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Adidja Palmer was remanded again with his two co accused when he appeared before the court this morning .Get all the latest & details after the jump.
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]A new Vybz Kartel’s tune,featuring Gaza Slim aka Vanessa Bling, celebrating their relationship. Produced once again by SoUnique Records .
Party Vybz-Vybz Kartel Sounique Records VYBZ KARTEL NEW SINGLE – PARTY VYBZ- OCT 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]A new Vybz Kartel‘s tune  produced by SoUnique Records that goes well along with the previously release – Get Your Own Lighter. 
new Kartel Get You Own Lighter Adidjahiem-Rec Oct 2012 VYBZ KARTEL NEW SINGLE – GET YOUR OWN LIGHTER – OCT 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]A new Vybz Kartel‘s tune setting the mood for the party.The tune is about good times, party vybz, late nights…but nobody touch his lighter!
pepita feat vybz kartel new single roll out oct 2012 VYBZ KARTEL STILL ROCKING HARD & NEW SINGLE ROLL Out FEAT PEPITA – OCT 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]ER asked around if Vybz  Kartel is still a driving force in Dancehall Music right now and guess which was the answer? He still  rocks charts,he is dominant on airwaves and dance floors. There is a new single with Pepita titled – Roll Out.
vybz kartel gaza man crazy EP UIM Records oct 2012 VYBZ KARTEL GAZA MAN CRAZY EP – U.I.M. RECORDS- OCT 2012
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]A new Vybz Kartel EP from U.I.M. Records distribuited by 21st Hapilos including some of  his best smashing hits. Check the tracklist & get it on itunes.
vybz kartel born bad Adidjaheim Records Sept 2012 VYBZ KARTEL NEW SINGLE -BORN BAD & MORE
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]A mawd new hard single from di Teacha that allegedly warned Sparta to drop the beef with Bounty, also Popcaan new single – Cyah Believe & more.
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Kartel‘s hit single –  Ghetto Life – U.I.M. Records has now also an official video and the Boss of Jamaica‘s prison system explains why Vybz Kartel is not recording in jail once again.
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]A hard knocking new single – Daddy Devil from Vybz Kartel, Teacha’s Pet Official Video and news about the upcoming album -Mentally Free.
Busta Rhymes Talks About Vybz Kartel and what he Has Done Dancehall Music BUSTA RHYMES REPRESENTS FI VYBZ KARTEL
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Busta Rhymes talks highly of Vybz Kartel in one of his latest interviews about the just launched and free new album -Year Of The Dragon that includes – Wine & Go Down feat Kartel.
Vybz Kartel Tommy Lee Betray The Gaza Boss VYBZ KARTEL TOMMY  LEE – BETRAY DI GAZA BOSS
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]New Vybz Kartel single featuring Tommy Lee  – Betray Di Gaza Boss, released a week ago and already viral. Sounique Records/Adidjahiem Records.
Vybz Kartel Gaza Slim Pim Pim Trial remanded again-aug 30 2012 *Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim, Pim Pim Remanded Again – Aug 30*
[fresh_divider style="dashed"]Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim & Pim Pim were remanded again to November 12. Vybz Kartel is still in custody while Slim & Pim Pim ‘s bails were extended.All the details inside.
Vybz Kartel Gaza Slim Pim Pim court date aug 29 *Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim, Pim Pim Upcoming Court Date*
Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim & Pim Pim will appear before the court on Aug 29 for the alleged  charge of perverting the course of Justice. All details after the jump.

Vybz Kartel Gaza Slim Tommy Lee Loyalty problems

*Vybz Kartel & Gaza Loyalty Issues?*
Is Vybz Kartel questioning the loyalty of his Camp? Does he really want Tomme Lee out?
Corey Todd re-launched Street Vybz Rum *Corey Todd Brings Back Street Vybz Rum*
Corey Todd brings back Street Vybz Rum and a new Vybz Kartel track  - Street Vybz Girl is out just in time for the occasion!
Corey Todd ER Interview Kartel will soon be relased Augut 2012 *Corey Todd Interview on ER : Vybz Kartel Will Be Soon Free*
In this recent interview with Antony Miller on ER Corey Todd said Vybz Kartel will be soon free and talks also about Popcaan and Tommy Lee.
Vybz Kartel MyCrew Official Video Vice Films Aug 2012 *Vybz Kartel’s  My Crew Official Video*
Official Video for Vybz Kartel’s single – My Crew, realized on a super tight budget the video is a portrait of Gaza City,in Portmore, the World Boss Headquarters.
stream online vybz kartel kingston story deluxe-edition *Vybz Kartel’s Album – Kingston Story Deluxe Edition – Full Album Stream*
Just released and already going viral : Vybz Kartel Kingston Story Deluxe Edition is now available in vinyl too! Stream your copy inside courtesy of Mixpak, Vice Records & Dre Skull.
vybes kartel-new single My crew kingston story deluxe edition *Vybz Kartel New Single – My Crew – Mixpak Rec0rds*
Another sensational and explicit tune from Vybz Kartel. My Crew is produced by Dre Skull for Mixpak Records and is part of the album Kingston Story Deluxe Edition. Check it inside.

*Orange Hill Feat Vybz Kartel Sneakbo Pon Time Pt 2*
Just released and already going viral pon the internet : new single and animated video for  Vybz Kartel - Pon Time pt 2 feat Sneakbo made by Orange Hill inna Uk. Mawd.

*Vybz Kartel Gaza Slim New Single – Reparation – Banned*
Reparation – the new single with Vybz Kartel feat Gaza Slim was banned in Jamaica. All the details and song preview after the jump.
buy online Vybz Kartel book voice of jamaican ghetto *Vybz Kartel – Amsterdam Ep & Sounique Riddim*
Amsterdam – is  a new Kartel’s EP that contains  Vybz Kartel‘s latest and viral hits from Tad’s Records and Sounique Riddim, inside.
Vybz kartel court date july 20 *Vybz Kartel Remanded Again On July 20 & New Court Dates*
World Boss Mr Palmer was remanded again. A new judge is in charge for his case and new court dates were set. Get all the details.
buy online Vybz Kartel book voice of jamaican ghetto *Buy Online Vybz Kartel’s Book: The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto*

If you were wondering where to buy Vybz Kartel book just click on this post there’s a link to the online distribution. Boom.

Vybz Kartel book THE VOICE OF THE JAMAICAN GHETTO *Vybz Kartel Book: The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto*
The book was ultimate last year and excerpts were already released, but the official launch for the book is set.Vybz Kartel looks like Malcolm X on the cover. Excerpts inside.
vybz kartel court day june 29 *World Boss Vybz Kartel & His Associates Still In Custody June 29*
Another day before the court for Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm and other associates. All Remanded to July 20.
vybz kartel free of ganja charges june 2012 *Vybz Kartel Freed Of Ganja Charges &  New Singles June 2012*
Vybz Kartel was finally freed of his ganja charges yesterday when he appeared before the Court. Check out his new singles – Real Friend on Peenie Wallie Riddim and – Money by Dre Skull.
LATEST NEWS KARTEL REMANDED AGAIN TO JUNE 29 *Vybz Kartel Remanded Again To June 29*
All the attention was for Christopher Dudus Coke sentences but also the Teacha went before Home Circuit Court on June 8 and he was remanded again till June 29.
Statement From Adidjahiem Records Kartel Not Recording In Jail *Statement From Adidjahiem Records : Kartel Is Not Recording In Jail*
Adidjahiem Records official statement would like to make it clear that di Teacha did not record any new song since his arrest in 2011. Read the full statement inside.
First REACTIONS TO KARTEL DISBANDING THE EMPIRE *Reactions & Comments To Kartel’s Latest Statement*
Former members of  the Portmore Empire share their feelings about the recent news of the Empire being disbanded. Sheba, Lisa Hype, Doza Medicine.
Kartel puts an end to portmore empire may 2012 *Vybz Kartel Puts An End To The Portmore Empire*
Vybz Kartel releases a brief statement, shortly after re-uniting with business partner Corey Todd  declaring the disband of the Portmore Empire. Read the official Teacher’s statement inside.
Latest NEWS ON Vybz Kartel Corey Todd and GAZE EMPIRE may 2012 *Latest From Vybz Kartel,Corey Todd, Shorty Palmer*
It’s official! The Kartel-Todd re-union is real and accompanied by reciprocal official statements. There’s also a statement from Shorty, Kartel’s wife.
Vybz kartel CoreyTodd Split *Vybz Kartel Corey Todd Reunion?*
Strong rumors about  Vybz Kartel and  Corey Todd restarting their business venture with Street Vybz Rum  and probably more after several months of letters between the two since Kartel is being  jailed.
latest news on vybz kartel may 2012 *Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim, Pim Pim Trial Remanded*
The conspiracy trial against Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim and Pim Pim was remanded yesterday to August 29.Kartel will appear again before the court on May 23 and June 8
Latest news on Vybz Kartel april27 court case *No Bail For Vybz Kartel Remanded Till June 8*
It wasn’t bail yet for  World Boss Vybz Kartel. He  was remanded again, with his co-accused, in the alleged  murder case of Clive Lizard Williams. More inside.
forensic evidence in Kartel case april 2012 *Forensic Evidence In Vybz Kartel’s Case*
Finally the dectives turned in some of the alleged evidence in Vybz Kartel’s case just few days before he will returned to court with his co-accused. Evidence include phone recordings and video as well text messages about the death of Clive Williams.
vybz kartel remanded again april 13 2012 *Vybz Kartel Remanded Again To April 27*
Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm, Calvin Haye and the   other men co-accused with di World Boss were remanded again to April 27 when they appeared before the court this morning. Also new  Vybz Kartel‘s song inside.
vybz kartel granted bail but still jailed march 2012 *Vybz Kartel Granted Bail But Still Jailed*
Gaza Boss Adidja Palmer aka  Vybz Kartel was  granted $3 million  bail in the Home Circuit court in relation to the  murder case of Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton this afternoon. He will still have to stay behind bars.
Vybz Kartel new bail application on Friday 24 march *New Bail Application For Vybz Kartel On Friday*
Vybz Kartel had another intense court day. The ganja charges and the alleged murder charges of Barrington Bryan. The case was also transferred to Home Circuit Court. He was remanded  again both cases and also his bail  was revoked. His lawyers will present a new bail application this Friday when again he will have to appear twice before the courts.
Vybz Kartel remanded again march 2012 *Vybz Kartel Shawn Storm Remanded To April 13*
No bail again and all  the men remanded for the alleged murder of Clive Lizard Williams, today in Supreme Court in Kingston Jamaica. Vybz Kartel and co-accused will  appear again before the court on April 13.
New Vybz Kartel on Worldwide Riddim Party me seh feb 2012 *Vybz Kartel Trial Postponed To Next Week*
Vybz Kartel and his two co-accused for the alleged murder of Barrington Brian were remanded again to next week when the case will be transfer to Home Circuit.Next week is also when the other alleged murder case will be discussed again.
Jamaican Professor Carolyn Cooper UWI *A Letter To Adidja Vybz Kartel Palmer*
Professor Carolyn Cooper of UWI published Adidja Palmer’s second part of the letter sent to her from jail and also she answered to him. A poem written from di World Boss in jail is included.
Vybz Kartel speech at UWI 2011 *A Letter From Adidja Palmer*
Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel wrote a letter to Professor Carolyn Cooper, that last year invited him for a Lecture at Uwi. Vybz Kartel is afraid he won’t have a fair trial and he’s reaching out for help.
Popcaan IS NOT leaving Kartel and di Gaza *Vybz Kartel Unhappy With Popcaan Lack Of Contact?*
There are rumors about Vybz Kartel complaining about the lack of support he received from some of his closest associates. Read on. Popcaan just landed a single with Snoop Doog and latest Tommy Lee‘s single.
KARTEL REMANDED AGAIN FEB 24 *Vybz Kartel Remanded Again To March 13*
 Vybz Kartel was today remanded again to March 13 for the alleged murder of Barrington ‘Bossie’ Bryan. No bail fi di Teacha. Rumors  that rapper Snoop Dogg could stop by the jail facility to check on him are strong.
Vybz Kartel remanded again feb 17 2012 *Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm Remanded Again*
On Feb 17  Vybz Kartel and associates were all remanded again till March , beside Calvin Haye still on bail. Labs evidence and other latest devolopments on Vybz Kartel’s case.
KARTEL BEFORE COURT AGAIN ON FEB 13 *Latest News From Di Gaza – Feb 2012*
Vybz Kartel will be again before the court on Feb for ganja charge. Popcaan is still Ravin hard. Preview from YiY Change Mixtape and video from the live show in St Vincent with Tommy Lee.
kartel remanded again feb 4 2012 *Vybz Kartel Was remanded Again Today Til Feb 24*
Vybz Kartel was remanded again this morning on the before the Gun Court section of the Corporate Area Criminal Court.  He is charged with Nigel Thompson and Lenburgh McDonald for the murder regarding Barrington Burton.
kartel remanded again feb 2012 *Vybz Kartel Gets No Bail & Remanded Again*
Di Teacha’s court saga is not yet over. Vybz Kartel, Pim Pim & Gaza Slim were remanded again to May 8th. Vybz Kartel’s court case  latest updates inside.
Vybz Kartel Latest news jan 23 2012 *Latest From Di Gaza – Jan 2012*
Police’s corruption and jail favoritism are the news about  Vybz Kartel’s court case rescheduled before the courts for Feb. Pim Pim out on bail and Lisa Hyper talking about what went wrong with the World Boss. Also news from Popcaan and new Tommy Lee has a new tune on – Business Riddim.
Kartel remaded again jan 13 2012 *Vybz Kartel Remanded Again. Calvin Haye Gets Bail*
Vybz Kartel was remanded again together with his other co-accused. Calvin Haye, Kartel’s fashion designer and booking agent, gets bail. More inside.
Gaza Slim out on bail Kartel still in jail *Gaza Slim Out On Bail. Vybz Kartel Still In Jail*
Gaza Slim gets finally bail. While Vybz Kartel is been remanded again and will face more court time in the next days. His legal team is considering  appealing to the Supreme court for his bail. All the details inside.
VYBZ KARTEL IN 2011 *Vybz Kartel In 2011*
Vybz Kartel had an intense year. Get all the recaps. 2011  started with a lot of Awards, prizes, new songs and controversy for the Teacha. From the – Cake Soap to the beef with Corey Todd, then Notnice, Jah Vinci…More controversy new hairdo and more hot songs. Summer Time arrived and Popcaan started blowing up on  – Lost Angel Riddim….The full story for Vybz Kartel in 2011 till the arrest.