Vybz Kartel Remanded Again To April 27

Vybz Kartel remanded again 13 April 2012

Gaza Boss Vybz Kartel and the men co-accused with him were remanded  again in custody when they appeared in the Supreme Court this morning.

Charged together with Adidja Palmer for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams are Calvin Hay, on bail, ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John, Kahira Jones and Shane Williams. They were all  ordered to return to court on April 27.

Vybz Kartel -Ghetto Life

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Justice Majorie Cole Smith has ordered the prosecution to release to the defence, the tapes of the electronic recordings implicating Vybz Kartel in a murder case.

One of Mr Palmer attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson, informed the court that she was yet to get a copy of the audio and video recordings and so she was not able to make a bail application on behalf of her client whose real name is Adidja Palmer. Finally the judge then ordered the prosecution to release the electronic data by April 23.

The police have said that they have video and audio recordings linking Vybz Kartel and his co-defendants to the killing. The police also say they have eyewitness statements connecting the men to the murder.

Free World Boss! Check out some Vybz Kartel new song for April 2012.

Vybz Kartel New Single Death Row – Double Trouble Riddim -April 2012[soundcloud params="auto_play=false&show_comments=true"]http://soundcloud.com/missgaza/vybz-kartel-death-row-double[/soundcloud]

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14 thoughts on “Vybz Kartel Remanded Again To April 27

  1. Livingstone

    Hey hey hey free vybz kartel we wanna hear his new tunes vybz jus know dat di world luvs u dude

  2. tisha

    free da worl’ boss him nuh bad like dem babylon seh him is. gaza we say big up to vybz him a mi inspiration to lyfe.yardie 4 life

  3. vicky


  4. Crizae

    Kartel fi lyf i cant imagine dancehal without da world boss,gazaaa 4 life n demarco should go 4 gym 2reduce his one pack n leave poppy ‘da prefek’

  5. Dom

    The only reason they have kept world boss in is because they hate him. He cause commotion and Feds dont like that because it makes more work for them. If they really had tapes then why haven’t they released them in the first court hearing, because they have nothing saying they have stuff too keep him in a while longer. The real person who liked off lizard needs to forward and do his time. Cos kartel has no flies on him he’s an innocent man. FREE WORLD BOSS soon to be touching road!!!!

  6. Rockeisha

    I knew from day one that the prosecution had no video evidence if they had it why would the be going around the corner they would present it long time ago,why wait till the judge order them .they just want to spite kartel but for how long.its a bad mind thing and nuff a di artiste dem glad seh kartel de a jail cause when jah cure did de a jail everybody a seh free up jah cure now no one cares about the teacha.

  7. CraigG

    The last thing kartel will do is leave music. so to all the criminal law inforcement leaders in jamaica who a fight againts jamaican people My god and your GOd na sleep big up yu self youth dem can keep a good man down but your word will live on forever.

  8. Intelligence

    So I notice that nobody cares if he’s guilty. Everybody’s fine with him walking on a murder charge even if he’s guilty as long as he can drop the next hot riddim. Smh. Just like with Buju, nobody’s worried about guilty or not guilty. Let’s just let these men walk on whatever charges they’re facing because they make good music. Or even worse, let’s assume they can’t be guilty and it’s just “bad mind.” And I know, I’ll probably be the least popular person on here but oh well. It’s about time somebody talk some damn sense.

  9. Rock kid

    World boss is the baddest so bad mind ppl want to break the youth u knw….jah nuh dead u will be free soon just be strong but when you come out of jail, u have to stop the bleaching thing….rock kid from the gambia west africa

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