Vybz Kartel Voice Notes Remixed – April 2014

Vybz Kartel voice notes remixed april 2014

You know theses days you can find everything on the Internet, so there are some of the evidence of the longest trial in Jamaican history, the Kartel’s trial, that leaked online since a couple of weeks ago, such as the so called “Vybz Kartel’s Voice Notes” and even an alleged video that refers to the night of Lizard disappearance, as well as texts, phone messages and photos.

While the material is branded as really controversial once you take vision of the so called evidence you won’t grasp much.

Well, first thing first you should not believe all the hype and ask simple questions such as how such material “leaked”.

Once you ask that question you will understand that the same sources that manipulate/tampered certain evidence are also the one in charge of putting such evidence out and about. Once you envision the material you really will ask yourself if that was enough evidence to commit the men.

Anyway what are these voice notes? Are voicemail messages that apparently Vybz Kartel left on some people phones while ranting on those missing “Shoes” taken and never brought back by Lizard.A lot of Babylon.

A deejay with a bit of a dark sense of humor remixed the Kartel’s Voice Notes and edited a video with visuals where Lizard is portrayed as the famous character from the American insurance company Geicko, releasing a video on youtube that surely will generate even more controversy. Unbelievable.


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