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watch mr vegas adios irma official music video

Make sure to watch Mr Vegas latest official music video titled Adios Irma, dedicated to the huge hurricane that swamped many Caribbean Islands and Florida.

Hurricane Irma has caused major devastation to some parts of the Caribbean. With each share and full viewing of this video, you are assisting in the rebuilding process.

Veteran Jamaican artist Mr Vegas, a bright international superstar, delivers a tune called Adios Irma, in pure dancehall style and will devolve all the profits of the song to the Caribbean islands affected by the Hurricane like Saint Martins, St Thomas, Barbuda, Anguilla where it brought death and destruction with some of this small islands being still without water and power and in total chaos.

Mr Vegas has been pretty outspoken with his music lately, following the Manchester and London terrorist attacks he released Terrorists Inna England, where he was sharing his feelings and condemning those facts, and now he released another song related to real life.

Mr Vegas Adios Irma comes also with  an official music video that  includes some real footages of the damages Hurricane Irma did in Key West and around the Caribbean, as well as some scripted scenes with Vegas himself being all sexy and shirtless under the rain, for the joy of his female fans  mixed to funny scenes that explain how impossible it has been to run just every day task such as grilling a patty. The video includes  also some controversy regarding a catholic priest that first annoys Mr Vegas and then… well can’t spoil the whole video now…. Watch it below and share it so you can help rebuild. Adios Irma is also available on iTunes and you can get it clicking on the banner on this page.

With the usual Jamaican sense of humor Mr Vegas outlines the horrible different aspects and implication that such a catastrophic event brought whenever it passed but also he makes the audience laugh and cheer up with the music and the song and will donate to help the little islands that are still heavily affected by the passage of Irma, which was a hurricane of category 4 that left millions without a home.

Mr Vegas have been hit by some criticism from the christian community on social media. The Jamaican artist lately declared he wanted to become a full time Gospel artist and to those that are attacking his faith he hit back at the criticism saying members of the community are just jealous because he’s a celebrity so they’re trying to tear him down.

He also sends a message letting them know that he will continue to do all genres of music as he has a family to feed just like everybody else beside the Gospel or religions.

Mr. Vegas – Adios Irma Official Music Video

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