Clarks De Mixtape Raw From Digital To Physical

Clark De Mixtape Raw Vybz Kartel

Huge demand from Dancehall fans worldwide has pushed Tad’s Record’s latest Ep Clarks: DeMixtape Raw, from digital to physical.

Starting yesterday, Clarks De Mixtape Raw,featuring Dancehall giant Vybz Kartel’s  biggest anthems of ’10, is available to all major local  retailers worldwide. Released  on itunes &  in all digital outlets on Dec. 10th, it is packed with  popular hit singles from Vybz  big and lengthy 2010 catalog. Mixed by  DJ WAYNE of  Jamaican pioneer reggae radio  Irie Fm this fat mixtape includes Kartel’s smash international radio hit ”Clarks,” and di follow up singles ”Clarks Again” and ”Wear Weh Yuh Have”.

“Clarks” remained among the top three Reggae  singles  with  the most international radio spins for over 40 weeks. Other singles  include  popular street and party anthems such ”Touch A Button,” “Turn and Whine,” “Cake Soap,” “Dumper Truck”  and “Dancehall Hero”.The digital mixtape is doing exceptionally well, and is expected to explode even more in January,” states Tad Dawkins, CEO of Tad’s Record Inc.

“There is also a request from iTunes for an EP of the songs without the DJ mixes, with both the clean and raw versions of the songs. That EP will hit iTunes later on this month.”Addi is been dominating the dancehall scene, increasing  his popularity in  the past 2 years  and scoring more than a dozen local #1 hits in Jamaica as a several international hit singles and countless street joints and he ‘s working already on new album after releasing a very successfull double album in Feb 2010.

Vybz Kartel doesn’t  stop a second making music and pushing & producing amazing  artists.You gotta respect the man! Support di Gaza clicking here and buying the mixtape!

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