Dancehall News: Vybz Kartel’s Book Out In Summer

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Vybz Kartel announced that he will be publishing a book that will be printed for the summer.


The Jamaican Dancehall Superstar said that the book has been in the making for over two years and it’s now ready to be printed. He initially intended  the release date of the book to be July 23, 2011 on Haile Selassie’s Earth Strong but may push it forward as he thinks there is a move to discredit his book before it is even released.

Vybz Kartel book is titled “Voice of the Ghetto (or Gaza if you prefer) – Social Commentary for My People” and is an in depth look at ghetto life in Jamaica through Kartel’s eyes, with some of his own suggestions on how to improve life in the ghetto.

The book is not about Kartel’s life, it will serve to him to explain to the world the thoughts of one of the most loved/hated artist inna Jamaica.

“People always wonder why Kartel does the things he does? What was he thinking when he sang that song or made that statement? Where does he get his point of view from? All of my thoughts will be unveiled so if you think you knew Kartel, you will be surprised when I introduce myself to the world through this book,”

Kartel stated.

I am not sure Society and Babylon is ready for this book. Not sure if my life will be secure after this book is released. I am telling all, I am revealing all, nothing will be held back,” Kartel outlined.

In addition to the book coming out he also just announced the making of some short movies with episodes about himself and his camp.

Without commenting on the latest gaza news Kartel wants the public to know that he’s focused on making music, writing books and enhancing the Portmore Empire. He declared:

“My business interests are not limited to rum and clubbing but I have a diversified portfolio so while others talk, I am writing books, setting up charities and reviewing business plans.”

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