A Letter From Adidja Palmer

Professor Carolyn Cooper received a letter from Vybz Kartel

Carolyn Cooper & Adidja Palmer

Adidja Palmer, not Vybz Kartel, as she stressed in her article from yesterday on the Jamaican Gleaner, where she writes a column every Sunday, wrote a letter from prison to Ms. Carolyn Cooper, literature’s teacher at the University of the West Indies.

A Letter From Adidja Palmer To Carolyn Copper published on the Jamaican Gleaner

Vybz Kartel Lecture At UWI

Carolyn Cooper invited Vybz Kartel last year, during the month of March 2011 for a Lecture at UWI, University Of West Indies, and- as she recalls in her article- in that occasion she asked Mr Adidja Palmer “Does Adidja Palmer ever disapprove of Vybz Kartel?” reporting that his answer was “Yes”.

Carolyn Cooper received a letter from Adidja Palmer and shared a part of it in her Sunday Gleaner’s article.

She starts her article telling that she was confused for Kartel‘s mother from some kid that asked her if she was the Deejay’s mom because he must have seen her pon TV talking about Kartel’s case, during the LIME TV interview at the Trench Town Bob Marley Tribute Concert, in which she said she wanted to visit the artist at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre.

Professor Cooper expressed her doubts on Kartel being guilty “based purely on my assessment of the DJ’s intelligence”. She also explains the procedure to obtain a TRN card to go visit Kartel in jail, adding she just received a temporary TRN card making the distance with Horizon Centre shorter.

Watch Vybz Kartel’s Lecture At UWI – 2011

Vybz Kartel is an international artist, the public has the right to know what’s going on, his fans are eager to know how he is doing and what are his feelings and he also has the right to express his worries about not receiving a fair trial we seh.

Hopefully she will report also on Shawn Campbell’s -aka Shawn Storm- conditions, since his fans are asking about him and there are strong rumors about him not doing so good. Here the direct link to her article, check it out.

Professor Cooper shared just a portion of the letter from Kartel, stay tuned for the second part. Mr Palmer, The World Boss, is reaching out for help! He is worried that he will not get a fair trial for the range of offenses including murder with which he has been charged, he said this is based on how the police have been treating the matters relating to him.

He also said the police have been using the media to slaughter him and to form a public opinion of him that contradicts his realimage.

How to blame him? Thank Ms Carolyn Cooper for sharing the letter and for showing interest in Mr Palmer‘s case, please pay no mind to all those negative comments because you tried to separate the artist from the man.

Let’s not forget that the justice’s process more than once proved to have taken the wrong course and also remember that being charged with alleged counts doesn’t mean automatically the accused is guilty. While there are persons being so sure he’s guilty there are also many others, over all his fans and supporters, scattered all over the world, that still believe in his innocence or his right to defends himself from all the accusations.

What Ms Cooper was trying to explain is the fine line between the man and the artist, which is a concept few seems to comprehend when applied to Vybz Kartel.


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  1. kemar

    kartel is a innocent man in my perspective view. i strongly feel it. corey todd set him up

  2. samantha

    kartel is innocent dem need fi free uo the worlboss and left the man alone and guh luk fi man weh ah kill pickney and family, i wish u all the best worlbodd……p.s. dancehall boring without u boss

  3. Felix

    Kartel is an innocent man,the international dancehall hero have the right to fair justice.

  4. Alex mwaura

    Tha worlboss is innocent,dem haterz feel bad 4 his achivement,dancehaal boring without tha teacha

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