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“Better Mus’ Come” is a movie about Jamaica’s recent history directed by Storm Saulter.

If you are Jamaican or live in Jamaica you probably already  heard about it and seen it, since Better Mus Come premiered this past October  in local movie theaters all over Jamaica. But if you never heard about it you need to know because it’s a good movie and as “RiseUp”  leaves another landmark into the Jamaican‘s movie industry  and  the good news are that it will soon hit theAmerican market  during this current month of November.
Jamaican Civil War - Better Mus Come Jamaica

Jamaican director Storm Saulter gave the movie its title inspired by Delroy Wilson’s song “Better Mus’ Come”, adopted by Prime Minister Michael Manley of the People’s National Party, as a campaign theme song during 1972 General Election.

The campaign painted Manley‘s vision of some sort of economic socialism aligned with Cuba, versus the Labor Party‘s of  Edward Seaga and his alliance with United States.

America didn’t want another communist nation in his backyard and begun a series of wars throughout America Latina and the Caribbean which left the local communities living in the front lines in critical and terrible conditions.

This movie proves the political connections of Jamaica‘s crime and poverty issues with raw authority.This isn’t a movie glorifying the “badman,” like so many other  Jamaican flicks try to do, it’s really more about the cause and effect of violence and shows the roots of today’s gang conflicts. Also it describes well communism versus capitalism, uptown versus downtown, and  C.I.A. involvement’s.

Better Mus Come

“Better Must’ Come” is a dramatic telling of the Green Bay Massacre, the ghetto life and political deception of that time.

As for 2013 Betta Mus Come is available on Netflix. Click here for direct link

The 1977-78 portrait of Jamaica that comes out is of a country in the middle of a cold war, with energy problems and water problems, corruption, murders, scandals, that gave birth to the violence gripping the streets of Kingston then and now. The director of this movie,Storm Saulter , had no problem multi-tasking, being editor, director, writer & cinematographer.

Storm Saulter was a long time assistant for video director Little Xand and  he worked in the North American Film Industry but it was his homeland Jamaica that inspired him to create his first full length  film about bipartisan conflict (from which originated the beef Gully/Gaza).

Storm Saulter Director

Storm Saulter is also part of a project called New Carribean Cinema that involves communal film making and surely there will be soon some exciting news about their upcoming projects. He took 3 years to ultimate this film and went around involving people in the local communities

Check out the official trailer and the famous song that inspired the movie’s title. It’s really dope and worth a listening.

Watch Better Mus Come official trailer

Listen To Delroy Wilson – Better Mus Come

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