Boxing Day Extravaganza.Vybz Kartel Was Not Arrested

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Rumors are once again wrong! Vybz Kartel wasn’t arrested this past Sunday  at  club Building, in Kingston, instead his biz manager, Corey Todd, that also manages the Building, was held in custody for hrs during a raid @ the venue on Sunday during what was supposed to be Kartel in concert, the Anti – Sting Boxing Day Extravaganza.

Speaking with the press, yesterday, Todd said that he feels the Building was unjustly raid by the police for the second time in two weeks.

Todd  explained  that  they  had a massive crowd in line all night from earlier on ( police sources are  talking  about  more  than 3000  people inside and 3000 in the outside line)  when the police raided the club with guns being pulled  in the air  that caused  a lot of screaming and panic, also somebody got  arrested  and police said they will continue to follow leads  in search for people of interests.

Police also took Mr Corey Todd in custody for many hours and he reported being escorted to New Kingston Police Post while the club was being raided and later he was moved to the Mobile Reserve, and also to the Half Way Tree police station where his American passport was taken from him.

Kartel, who was the most important person of the event, was on his way to the venue when the raid was  conducted and he told the press 

“I wasn’t surprised that the police came to lock off the Building so early while all the other clubs in New Kingston were left unscathed, because I had received a call earlier on a private number from someone claiming that I dissed them and only one show can be staged on Boxing night.

According to Todd, they will be putting on a free concert at the Building next Wednesday to make it up to the fans who were present and didn’t get the performances they were promised.

Listen to Vybz own words on Ragashanti! Explosive!

Vybz Kartel Interview With Raggashanti about Boxing day Police Raid Jan 2010 Part 1 of 4

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