Corey Todd Reacts To A Vybz Kartel Song

Corey Todd diss Bill CosbyCorey Todd Bill cosby

Rumors are that Corey Todd lost his temper inside club Riddim, in Kingston last tuesday. Stone Love selector Bill Cosby told that he was working on his set in the booth around 2 o’clock at the weekly event Swag Tuesday when,in the process of juggling, he played some Vybz Kartel songs but apparently this did not go down well with Todd who is also the club owner.

After not too long  he was playing he felt a banner dropping on his head, he looked up and saw Corey  Todd looking at him and shortly after he looked up again and he saw Corey Todd with a cardboard box full a CDs in his hand. He threw the box full of cds on him and Bill Cosby used his hand to protect himself from the box dropping on him so the box dropped on the ground and all cds got scattered.

Bill Cosby explains to the press he’s a not a selector that has ever caused troubles, he doesn’t walk with an entourage and he has no enemies. He is been in pain since for the incident. Cosby also said he reported the incident to the police yesterday. Watch out what U play in certain spots,Selectors.Unbelievable….

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Vybz Kartel – Informa (Stronger We Get) – Contra Riddim

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