Gaza Upcoming Artist Dotta Coppa


Jamaican Artist Dotta Coppa 2011 Latest songs

Meet Dotta Coppa, another super young and very gifted artist from di Gaza.

Often referred to as the new Yellow Man, probably for his skin complexion,quick and maaad but also with space for melody!  Fresh & Original.
He’s not very known yet outside Jamaica so here few videos of latest Dotta’s songs for you to know him better! His style is Sick!

Dotta Coppa – Chat Dem A Chat YouTube Preview Image
Dotta Coppa – Highest grade -Bomb Drop RiddimYouTube Preview Image
Dotta Coppa – Nuh Waste TimeYouTube Preview Image
Dotta Coppa – Moving On – Official MusicVideoYouTube Preview Image
Dotta Coppa – Life Or Death - YouTube Preview Image

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