Listen To Vybz Kartel – Ghetto Gospel – Fada Romie – March 2017

vybz kartel ghetto gospel fada romie march 2017

Listen to a new single titled “Ghetto Gospel” from World Boss Vybz Kartel for March 2017.

Produced by True Blue Family & Fada Romie, Ghetto Gospel is a dancehall/hip hop song from incarcerated dancehall superstar Kartel that talks to the youth of the garrison.

Posted with the official audio and not yet available on iTunes for digital purchase, listen to Vybz Kartel aka Addi di Teacha Ghetto Gospel.

With a very nice Gospel chorus Teacha deejays lyrics with social commentary, talking about the Ghetto Youths Worldwide. Check full lyrics posted after audio.

Vybz Kartel – Ghetto Gospel (Official Audio) | True Blue Family & Fada Romie | 21st Hapilos (2017)

Vybz Kartel – Ghetto Gospel Lyrics

Fada Romie Ghetto Godfather,u now ghetto youths worldwide [Universal]
the Teacha society The Teacha Forsake We The Teacha
dem nuh feel the pain we feel the system theteacha nuh really care
if we live or we die if we laugh or we cry
a sadness a joy
Wait Right before me mi life a flash
the way time flies so fast mi nuh wear nuh watch
mi youth wanna guh school, me nu have nuh cash
mi insane like the madman we search the trash
hey mi black empress a sell the “snash”
the way a gogo club ram nuh college match
police deh pon ghetto youth lie the bandage pack
a 4 month dem remand Jim fi da bag wid stash
Why we haffi strap up every night so hard
mi wonda if death pretty cuz life so hard
eternity a hell a must mi rewrard cah mi a hustle
fi mi vehicle and must buy mi yaad
me have the number one criminal record
a tru Jamaican people poor that’s why life tek hard
every youth fi get a visa fi gwaan abroad
cuz we deya a sufer like a maga dog

I was born & raised in the ghetto
I was born & raised in the garrison
nuff youths dead more a suffer
ghetto youths deserve better

me decide seh me nah turn cruff
so welink Leign a big yaad and buy some stuff
inna a bills and 50 bag me wrap dem up
to fuss day me touch di road feds lock me up
but wha me nah mek no bwoy fuck me up
me prefer hustle and rob fi dat till mi buss
mi nah bow fi drive nuh car, mi prefer hop the bus
cuz a so ghetto youth full a pride
mi poor but sell out life is not for us
dwag the strap mi fuss cuz food haffi ever inna pot fi us
Anna road mi touch how di fuck we rust
me love the youth dem so mi teaching dem
but no not the pastor wid the preaching dem
mi tell dem not rob nothing petty
rob sumthing fi yuh rich like Matalon & Lee Chin Dem

I was born & raised in the ghetto
I was born & raised in the garrison
nuff youths dead more a suffer
ghetto youths deserve better

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