Dancehall News: More Charges For Vybz Kartel?

Latest news on Vybz Kartel's case Nov 17 2011

Gaza fans more upsetting news on the horizon on Vybz Kartel’s case.

Since Dancehall star Vybz Kartel arrest, the internet has been on a frenzy with a lot people searching for Vybz Kartel freed and there are also searches regarding him being set free imminently…

But the non stop new rumors on Mr Palmer’s case are not sounding/looking good right now and if those rumors are true there’s small chance bail will be set. New speculations are emerging that di Addi tried to buy out the case trying to destroy evidence.

According to reports, Vybz Kartel allegedly paid police officers JA$4 million to destroy evidence in the murder case against him in an effort to avoid prison time.

It was 2 weeks ago when, the prosecution in the case at a hearing at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court, announced they possess video and audio evidence implicating Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel and others accused of killing Clive “Lizard” Williams in August. The alleged evidence shows Kartel, Portmore Empire artist, Shawn Storm, designer/booking agent, Calvin “Moonie” Haye and Cayro Jones taking part in the murder of Williams, a promoter, from Waterford, St. Catherine.Law enforcement officials confirmed that Williams was beaten and stabbed to death with his body yet to be found.

On Monday, it was revealed that six police officers in Vybz Kartel’s case could face corruption charges after some money exchange between Kartel’s relative, somebody was saying was Shorty, somebody is saying was Adidija Palmer’s mom, and a law enforcement official was caught on tape.

On top of that, another monetary exchange allegedly took place between some officer and a suspect in the Vybz Kartel case, who was allowed to visit the Gaza Deejay without police supervision.

Listen To Vybz Kartel – Not A Love Song – Cardiac Bass Riddim

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell, said probes carried out by detectives have implicated Kartel in five additional murders that took place in the Corporate Area and St Catherine. No comment has been made regarding these latest allegations.

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8 thoughts on “Dancehall News: More Charges For Vybz Kartel?

  1. da representer to da Gaza empire

    why is more charges being put on 5 more murders on kartel is it some want kartel out out of da musik industry? or is someone being paid for addi to be framed?nuff luv to da gaza da almighty is in charged of ur exit from jail

    • mamadou boye bah

      kartel na real birdman i guest to leave him is better because he lift the jamaican flag up to d sky in the sense of singing men

  2. Dumbani

    Stop flaming Teacher,if you dont got talent stay quiet.God is fighting for Teacher,soon the truth dat he is not a killer shall be known and all the haters will go down.Love you Teacher we got ur back

  3. Rass

    The teacha story seams to take a new twist everyday.Would the judges finish up doin there investigations very fast?

  4. Maninja

    they’re fraiming the world boss,yes he myt be guilty of 1 of the charges bt nt ol!
    Free us,free addi di teacha world boss! Jah wl kp u stronga dan eva!!! Police whre ya get yo systm 4m? Bomboclat! Kartel name wl neva perish! Thy cn try 2 tke u owt bt thy wl neva suceed! ‘we do not quit’

  5. Russell

    Big up adija azin palmer we luv u man n we’ve faith dat u r coming out of dat rabit hole n regain ur respect mob luv may da almighty jah b wit u i salute u vybes kartel

  6. Gee vontell

    1st me a gaza seh.dem bamind bombaclat police want to distroy kartel but jah will get addi out we luv ya kartel.big up a pray fi yuh man.soon yuh will be out..waguan seh!

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