Prosecution Explains Why Vybz Kartel Didn’t Get Bail Yet

vybz kartel breaking news why he didn't get bail yet june 2013

More drama in the never ending ongoing Vybz Kartel’s trial. Below all the reasons explained by the Prosecution on why Adidja Palmer couldn’t obtain bail yet this past Friday.

The prosecution in the Vybz Kartel murder case disclosed new bizarre details as why they opposed a bail application for the artist in the Home Circuit Court this past Friday. 

According to the Prosecution, it was in possession of text messages between Kartel and an unidentified person discussing arrangements for the artist to flee the island — via airplane or a drug boat to Cuba or  Bahamas — in the wake of the murder Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, a former Kartel’s affiliate.

Senior prosecutor Jeremy Taylor read excerpts of the alleged texts
“If mi haffi leave the island fast you assist me? You have a link to mek mi leave the island fast?”
read an alleged text by Kartel and also read the response: “Yea, by boat.” Prosecutor Taylor also said Bahamas and Cuba were also mentioned, with possible pick-up point at St Elizabeth.
“Mi no waa wait ’til things get hot…,” Kartel is reported to have said in another text.



According to Taylor, the texts trail was found in Kartel’s phone when he was arrested at the end of September 2011 at a hotel in Kingston.

Taylor said also that Kartel had made plans twice for the main witness to the alleged murder to leave the island for Guyana but that he refused to go. This past Friday Dancehall Star Vybz Kartel sat looking on as the prosecution opposed the application made by attorney Tom Tavares-Finson and his son Chris.

Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, real name  Adidjah Palmer, is charged along with Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John, Kahira Jones, Calvin Hay and Shane Williams.

The men a will appear before the court in mid-November.This past Friday  court experts appeared shocked when Justice Bertram Morrison turned down the so “expertly made” bail application. 

During the application, Tavares-Finson took the court through a number of circumstances in an effort to show a conspiracy by the police against his client.The actions, according to Tavares-Finson, included a lie by a senior police officer that three cellular phones were found in Kartel’s cell, he also highlighted the fact that the prosecution had originally said that there was video evidence of Williams being murdered but had to resile from that position after the defence requested the video.

To strengthen his argument that there was a conspiracy against his client, Tavares-Finson also pointed out that Kartel’s phone was in the custody of the police when it was alleged that he sent texts to fellow entertainer Gaza Slim, which led to charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice being brought against them.

As it relates to Williams’ murder, the attorney said that the witness had not said in any statement that Kartel took part in beating the deceased or ordered anyone to do so. He also said that DNA evidence does not link Williams or Kartel to the Havendale house. He said, too, that the house, which was being renovated at the time, was dark and that the only light present was that on a cellphone.

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