Sunday Flick:Jamaican Movie Ghett’a Life


Ghett'a Life New Jamaican movie 2011

Another very cool Jamaican flick. Ghett ‘a Life is an action drama set in a politically turbulent  Kingston.

Jamaica’s love affair with boxing reignites in this flick mixed with Jamaican political turbolence. 

Ghett’a Life won the Best Pitch Award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France,is written, produced and directed by Chris Browne and co-produced by Justine Henzell, Perry’s Hanzell daughter.

The director, Browne, first had the idea to make the movie over a decade ago when he experienced an underground boxing match in Kingston. Ghett’a Life tells the story of Derrick, a  teenager  that realizes his dream of becoming a champion boxer despite all the divisions in his  country, in his community and in his own family, conflicted by a divisive political system.

He knew from an early age that he had all it takes to out box even the bigger boys on his lane but it’s election year and politics divide the country and Derrick’s own  community. 

His father , forbids Derrick from going to the boxing gym, as to do so he has to cross party lines.Derrick  follows his heart and is confronted with the serious repercussions of his decision. The don of Derrick’s community,

Sin, is set on keeping him from crossing over to the “other side” even if it means destroying Derrick’s dream and Derrick’s father is so blinded by political tribalism that he sees Derrick’s actions as betrayal.

On the “other side” , at the gym, there is a coach who becomes Derrick’s mentor and someone who shows him that Jamaica is bigger than just one community and that Derrick’s dreams are worth fighting for.

Derrick’s story clearly tells the message that anything that divides cannot be good for anyone. The ignorance of divisiveness gives way to the triumph that comes with unity.

Ghett’a Life is a whole Jamaican project with all investors, cast and crew being committed to an authentic depiction of what life is and what life can be in the inner city of Kingston. This film with it’s positive message of overcoming adversity and ignorance will inspire audiences globally.Nice One!

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