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The whole world is celebrating the latest Usain Bolt performance in the 200 m at the Olympics Games. When you run so fast you end up catching up with the word legend itself.

Usain Bolt is officially the first man in history that was ever able to make it in the 100 m and 200 m for two consecutive Olympics Games! Usain Bolt, the lightning the always strikes twice did it again and this time his name is officially legendary, he become immortal giving Jamaica, Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica and sports all over the world a great reason to celebrate in perfect time for the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica Independence’s celebrations.

Tommy Lee is  also having a blast with #Team Jamaica and the #Olympics.

The PG13 artist is really hot right now, not like Usain but everybody is looking up his name and his new songs pon the internet. He is releasing new tunes non stop for the joy of his fans. Few days ago Tommy Lee leaked his new song which is a remix of Psycho and a tribute to Usain Bolt that took pictures of himself, solo or with other athletes, while in London for the Olimpics Games, doing Gaza signs.

Tommy Lee’s Bolt Psycho Remix is getting a tremendous feedback from the artist fans and it is dedicated to the fastest man on the planet. The lyrics are an ode to Usain, the legend.

“Bolt is a true champion you zi mi, so we have to highlight him, a bay badness him a deal with on the track.” 

Adding his support and admiration for #Team Jamaica he also went on with a second remix for the team  to comment their success via the chart topper, Some Bwoy. The official videos for both songs directed by Omar “Celebrity” Aldana of Heavy Films have been  both edited for the Olympic excitement.

Tommy Lee’s Some Bwoy has peaked at #1 on all of Jamaica’s music charts: ER, Pree Dis, Hype TV, Stampede Street among others. The young artist is now booked  for appearances to all major parties across the island for Jamaica’s 50th Independence celebrations: Dream Weekend LIVE concert, RTI’s Marco Polo, JCDC’s Independence Gala, CoCo Losa and ST. Mary’s Fisherman’s Reggata.

Lets catch up with Tommy Lee’s Music.

Listen to his songs and watch his videos here.

Tommy Lee Sparta Tom & Jerry produced by Andrew “Anju Blax” Myrie of UIM Records

Tommy Lee FT Usain BOLT- 2012 Jamaica Olympics Song

Brand New Tommy Lee Watch Dem (Pree Dem) U.I.M Records OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Re-posting Tommy Lee Sparta – Dem Nuh Bad {Like Wi} Good Good Prod 

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