top 10 reggae singles jamaican charts 2015

Listen to some of the best reggae songs and watch the official music videos for the Top 10 Reggae Songs in Jamaican music charts for October 2015.

Topping at #1 by a week with the song “Hustler” by Jamaican artist Little Hero on the Inspire Records production paired with the music video posted below.

Romain Virgo‘s latest anthem “Star Across The Sky” is currently at #2 after a week at #1, followed at #3 by “Fire”, performed by vibrant Tessane Chin, the song that has been already at the top, #1 for a week  and is paired with the music video.

Tarrus Riley new love song “Cool Me Down”> is quickly coming up at #4 in a new hit song produced by Chimney Records with the music video already ranking thousands of views, watch it below.

Jamaican Dillgin with the new song “Shining”, posted below you can watch the official music video, sits currently in position #5.

Going down Top 10 Reggae Singles in Jamaica for the month of October 2015 the second part of the reggae music and video charts is packed with new heavy weight songs and artists.

These new entries could be the new contender for next weeks number ones in Top 10.

1 Hustler – Little Hero – Inspire Records
2 Star Across The Sky  - Romain Virgo – Taxi & Vikings Productions
3 Fire  – Tessanne Chin – Justice League Records
4 Cool Me Down – Tarrus Riley – Chimney Records
5 Shining – Dillgin – Wall Street Records
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