Top Ten Reggae Singles Jamaican Charts Sept 2012

ELJAI – 24/7 -OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO[youtube width="640" height="344"][/youtube]
TONY ROY – JUST GWAAN – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO[youtube width="640" height="344"][/youtube]
CAT EYES – PROTECT US -OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO[youtube width="640" height="344"][/youtube]

27/7 -Eljai’s singleis topping Reggae charts right now, followed by international sensation TonyRoy Just Gwaan and a conscious tune Help Us -singed by Cat Eyes. 36 Bullets brings Chrisinti  in 4 th position while Romain Virgo’s -Vp Records I Know Better is in fifth position. Going down the 5 th position George Nooks and his Sweet Sweet Jamaica, Nando Griffith with My Everything, Nature talking about World Peace, Gramps Morgan with Life’s Too Short and Jahdore with Security Worker closing the top ranking Reggae singles for Sept

1 24/7  - Eljai - Jah Mix Entertainment
2 Just Gwaan – Tony Roy – Whylas Records
3 Help Us – Cat Eyes – Mad Storm Production
4 36 Bullets – Chrisinti – Mightyfull 13 Productions
5 I Know Better - Romain Virgo – VP Records
6 Sweet Sweet Jamaica – George Nooks – GT Muzik
7 My Everything - Nando Griffiths – One Jam Music
8 World Peace - Nature – Downsound Records
9 Life Too Short – Gramps Morgan – Dada Son Entertainment
10 Security Work – Jahdore – Jahdore Music Production

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