Vybz Kartel Vs Bounty Killer & Sting 27

Vybz Kartel Sting 27 vs Bounty Killer

{Let’ talk about War} Vybz Kartel Vs Bounty Killer

Since there’s a lot of misinformed stuff going on about the lyrcial war between the World Boss and Bounty Killer is time to give a proper chronology of how this war started and where’s it now, and state the right facts.This war technically began in the summer of 2006 when, during Kartel VS Mavado war, Killer took Mavado‘s side. This was disrespectful by Killer to Kartel, because Kartel was his protege & wrote more than 30 songs for him,he had no reason to side with Mavado, especially given that Kartel is the one that gave Mavado his break in the first place & the fact that Killer, initially didn’t want to give Mavado a chance.

Further proof that Kartel was in his rights to leave the Alliance, due to Killer’s backstabbing ,was when Aidonia also left them.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2008 just before Sting Concert that year.Kartel first called out Bounty Killer with the song “A Wha Do Dem” and kept constantly calling Bounty Killer out since / during all ’09. Bounty went on stage at Sting 2008 stating  he was not  going  to war with Kartel and for 2009 was promoting Peace & Unity.

He was booed big time on stage for backing down. As Kartel continued to call him out Bounty Killer went to America talking a bundle of crap on a Radio network about their beef and you can still hear it in those videos posted below.

Bounty Killer finally decided to war in August of 2009 & dropped  3 songs: Chatta Box & two others, Kartel came back better with the song “Toilet  Paper Bounty”. Bounty  responded  with  the song “WattaTune”. Kartel came back harder with “Duppy Killa”.


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