Collie Buddz Playback Tour To Hit Florida

Collie Buddz Playback Tour 2011

Collie Buddz Tour “Playback 2011″ is about to begin on March 18th 2011.

He is blessing Florida like no other State! So ya all better come out because his new album is really hot! You can download his Ep Playback at his site.

He has several hot joints out and one of my favorite ever is Come Around! I will always Give Thanx for that song!

Before  sharing the upcoming tour dates let me tell you the singer also had a track MissGaza loves ” Moving On” in an upcoming movie titled “Chance” a sun-soaked drama that doubles as an exposé on the seedy underbelly of organized crime and human trafficking in the US Virgin Islands. The film will be screened at next year’s Sundance Film Festival and is due out this summer!

And that’s  not the only track used for a movie look also out for his new track in 50 Cent’s latest film ‘Things Fall Apart’. Check out his tour dates and don’t miss the show if close to you,it’s all worth it!

Collie Buddz to tour Us
Collie Buddz @011 Playback Us Tour

Collie Buddz-Burn Down Di System



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4 thoughts on “Collie Buddz Playback Tour To Hit Florida

  1. cybermagnetik

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  2. Makayla

    Hey, I was wondering if you knew the name of the song of his that was featured in the movie “All Things Fall Apart?” I’ve been searching and searching and still haven’t found it. Also…love the site! You’ve done a wonderful job so far and i’m sure you’ll only continue to strive. :)

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