Topping by a week at #1 for the best reggae singles in Jamaica is Tarrus Riley single – My Day – a new Anthem to Freedom and Independency, watch the official video below!
Lady Saw & Bugle gaining positions with- Infidelty at #2, followed by Sweet Killwer Ginjah produced by Silly Walks Discoteque. Chuck Fenda takes #4 with his Bounty collabo titled -Badness No Pay.

Tessane Chin is # 5 with -Anything Is Possible, a song released in October and she proved winning The Voice that really Anything Is Possible if you try hard, zeen! ( and Chimney Records has too big hits inna charts this month! )

Rough Upbringing Rappa Robert aka Musical Sniper #6, #7 Can’t Get Me Down CJ Killawno,Tom Laing with -One More Thing and a new Konshens love song to close the Top 10 Singles In Jamaica for Feb 2014.

1 My Day – Tarrus Riley – Chimney Records [youtube][/youtube]
2 Infidelity - Bugle feat. Lady Saw – UIM Records[youtube][/youtube]
3 Sweet Killer – Ginjah – Silly Walks Discotheque[youtube][/youtube]
4 Badness No Pay – Chuck Fenda feat. Bounty Killer & Leroy Smart – John John Production[youtube][/youtube]
5 Anything’s Possible - Tessanne Chin – Chimney Records[youtube][/youtube]
6 Rough Upbringing - Rappa Robert aka Musical Sniper – Oracabessa Records[youtube][/youtube]
7 Can’t Get Me Down – CJ Killawno – Lyrical War Records[youtube][/youtube]
8 One More Thing - Tom Laing – Black Scorpio Records[youtube][/youtube]
9 I Know – Wayne Marshall - Ghetto Youths International [youtube][/youtube]
10 To Her With Love (They Say) - Konshens – Notice Productions[youtube][/youtube]

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