No Evidence Of Vybz Kartel Recording Music In Jail – March 2017

Statement From Adidjahiem Records Vybz Kartel Not Recording In JailIncarcerated jamaican superstar Vybz Kartel is always a hot topic.

In the latest months several voices have raised accusing Vybz Kartel of recording new music while incarcerated.

Among those voices jealous dancehall artists that can’t get their songs to play in the radio and so they blame it on Vybz Kartel, for being a natural hit maker and they kept accusing him of recording new music in jail. Kartel is currently under a new investigation for that matter.

Then politicians in need of attention such as Lisa Hanna manifest the idea of banning Kartel’s music from the airwaves, remarking that she thinks Kartel has recording in jail and it should not be allowed.

Because of all these accusations Vybz Kartel has been under going some heavy scrutiny, and following  all these allegations, this past November 2016, Kartel was transferred from the Horizon Remander Centre to Tower Street Adult Correctional Center.

As the years went by during the Gaza General incarceration a lot of new music has been releases from the Jamaican Dancehall King while behind bars, but we always been telling you Kartel has not been recording in jail.

We were the first to receive a statement from Adidjaheim Records back in 2012, when following his arrest it was made clear the artist was not and would not be recording in jail.

His own wife in several interviews explained Kartel as a huge catalog of unrecorded songs. Years ago even Gaza Slim, one of Kartel’s Empire recording artists, during a ER interview remarked how much unreleased material there is from World Boss. In more recent times even his lawyer denied all the allegations of Kartel recording new music in jail.

While everybody focuses on allegation and resentment toward him because music producers are keeping his name hot in the streets, nobody remembers he was already targeted while being a “guest” of Jamaican prison system when they tried to poison him and when the searched his cell, following producer Roach’s death, and they took “contraband” out of his cell, meaning a cd player for which him and co-accused Shawn storm had regular permit.

But so far there is no evidence of Vybz Kartel recording from behind bars, that what Ina Hunter, the head of the Commissioner Of Corrections confirms: there no evidence at all of Kartel recording in jail.

There is still a pending investigation on the matter and Hunter says they will make the results public. Involved in the investigation are some correctional officers that lie during a lie detector. test. For that Ina Hunter announced more regular searches in cell blocks.

While all this talking on Vybz Kartel has been going on his book “The Voice Of The Jamaican Ghetto”, co-written with Michael Dawson, that we have been among the first to sell on Amazon, saw a big increase in sales in the last past weeks, confirming the mantra : The More They Try To Stop Him The More Vybz Kartel Gets Stronger.

Listen To Vybz Kartel – Strong

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