Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel was arrested at the end of Sept 2011 for small ganja charges but the facts quick escalated and he was never released neither he yet obtained bail. Below all the news related to his arrest and the latest music releases and videos that labels, producers, music publisher & distributors kept publishing since his incarceration during 2011 -2012.

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Latest news Vybz Kartel remanded again dec19

Vybz Kartel Remanded Again With No Bail

Another intense court day for  Vybz Kartel. No bail and jail time at least till Jan 9 2012. Same fate for Gaza Slim. All the updates on the case and the latest news as for Dec 19.

Latest news on Kartel case dec17

Recaps & Latest News On Di Teacha’s Case & His Latest Song

Recaps on the latest news regarding Vybz Kartel’s legal troubles, the new Supreme Court $15 million issue and his latest song.
Dre Skull T-Pusha Vybz Kartel Remix is in New Riddims.

Vybz Kartel didnt escape

Vybz Kartel Didn’t Escape He Appeared In Court & Was Remanded Again

Despite rumors of  Vybz Kartel breaking out of prison he did appear  before the court for a murder case and he was remanded again to Dec 21.


Did Vybz Kartel Escape From Prison?

Hectic early morning with several international websites and media outlets overseas giving news of  Vybz Kartel breaking out of prison. Few hours later the official Jamaican police reports denied the story. Check it out.

Latest on Kartel's case nov 17

More Charges For Vybz Kartel?

More sad new, rumors, police officers involved and also more murder charges for Vybz Kartel?

Shorty&Vybz Palmer

More Portmore Empire’s Members Charged With Murder

More bad news for the Gaza Camp, more arrests, more charges and rumors about Shorty being arrested too. All details inside.

Kartel's case latest updates

Policemen Under Investigation On Vybz Kartel’s Case

Six Policeman have been transferred and Vybz Kartel himself is been transferred after some investigation started for breaking security code in the jail Kartel was held. All details inside.

Vybz Kartel Remanded For Ganja Charges & Teacha’s Pet Winner Leaked

Dec 2 will be another intense  day for Vybz Kartel since he will have to appear before  the court for all his charges  after being remanded again  for his ganja charges. Missing di Addi? Check out his tv show  episode #7 just aired.

Kartel changes his legal team

Vybz Kartel’s Statement On His Legal Team

Bizarre things! Vybz Kartel had to release a statement from jail saying he has full trust in his legal team because Ninjaman’s attorney stepped in and there was some sort of confusion on the matter.

Kartel changes his legal team

Vybz Kartel Changes His Legal Team & Gaza Slim Robbed

Vybz Kartel will seat next to a new legal team on Dec 2 on his next court hearing. Di Addi hired a new attorney to represent him, mean while Vanessa Bling, aka Gaza Slim, reported to police a man that claimed to be Clive Lizard  Williams robbed her. The mystere is growing bigger.

kartel bail application denied

Vybz Kartel Bail Application Rejected

Vybz Kartel‘s bail application is been rejected this morning and the resident magistrate will explain why tomorrow, when Kartel will face more charges.

Vybz Kartel still in jail oct 26

Vybz Kartel Still No Bail & Shawn Storm Still In Custody

Nothing new on Vybz Kartel‘s charges, court is been postponed again and Shawn Storm had to face identification parade to see if he’s involved in one of the murder cases.

Vybz Kartel still in jail oct 26

Still No Bail For Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel was remanded again today in an intense court morning. Application bail will be presented next week. All the details inside.


Vybz Kartel Faces More Murder Charges

More shocking breaking news on Vybz Kartel‘s case: police added today more murder charges on di Addi that will be going to court again on October 26. Check inside his latest release – Ghetto Road on Riot Squad Riddim.

Kartel still waiting bail

Vybz Kartel Still Waiting Bail

Vybz Kartel will stay behind bars till next court day on October 26 when he will ask again for bail. More inside.

Vybz Kartel to seek bail again tomorrow

Vybz Kartel To Seek Bail Again Tomorrow & More

Vybz Kartel will appear to court again tomorrow. Check out the latest news on Vybz Kartels arrest & di Gaza.

Free Kartel 2011

Vybz Kartel’s Bail Rejected & Shawn Storm In Police Custody

Not a good time for the Empire. Jamaican Police is targeting the Gaza hard these days. Vybz Kartel bail is been rejected and Shawn Storm was taken in. Check the brand New Vybz KartelUnruly. Just a snippet.


All New Vybz Kartel Songs October 2011

Vybz Kartel voicing on Grab Dem Riddim, So Bad Riddim, Freaky Gyal Part II with Russian, No Fear Dem with Popcaan & much more new Gaza tunes.


Vybz Kartel Audio Message From Jail & Latest Updates On His Case

Vybz Kartel send out a short audio recording from jail. Check it out. Also check out the latest on his arrest and charges. New tune – Never Fear Dem with Popcaan on So Bad Riddim.

Vybz KARTEL in jail 2011

Vybz Kartel In Court Today For Ganja Charges

While the severe charges court hearing kept getting postponed from police, Vybz Kartel will appear in court today to answer for ganja charges.

Vybz Kartel to face court tomorrow

Vybz Kartel Case Put Off Again & Reactions In The Dancehall Community

While Vybz Kartel‘s case is been put off again and the DJ stays in jail some Artists broadcasted their reactions.

Vybz Kartel handcuffed

LIME Drops Vybz Kartel’s Reality Show And Addi Could Face Court Tomorrow

Events are evolving quickly in Vybz Kartel murder charges and LIME dropped the sponsorship for Teacha’s Pet.